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someone fix my photosets :(

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I guess the second lot of those icons is going to have to wait until I can fix my theme? lmfao

Chou megami shinkou twitter icons 1/2

every time I’ve had trouble with anything theme related I’ve just got rat to swoop in and fix it so a lot of the work was hers

updated my links page, theme has a few more things to sort out here and there but it’s mostly done (y) let me know what you think

I may or may not have taken a few ideas from www.compileheart.com

new theme (needs a bit of work)

❁ bored? ❁
full name:  matt hucast
nicknames: matt

favourite flower: 
flowers are sorta ugly and weird up close they got like bees and shit in them
favourite fruit: green apple?
favourite ice-cream flavour: cookies n’ cream

favourite pastime: 
day or night: night
chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
how do you take your coffee/tea: caramel latte in the biggest cup available
zodiac sign: saggy tarius
your catchphrase: "fuckin rude"(changes weekly)

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